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ANGO Construction has been active since 2019 in the building sector constructions and reinforcements. The staffing includes engineers of various specialties, a specialized technician staff and a network of external partners who make up a flexible set which, with the experience it has, meets and exceeds them challenges of any project.

The projects he undertakes mainly include premium residential projects and hotels. The company offers services concerning the most modern construction methods and has extensive expertise in the use of structural methods and materials. The company continues to invest in the development and expansion of its activities undertaking projects both throughout Greece and abroad. ANGO is one of the most dynamic construction companies, providing its customers comprehensive and high quality services.

In particular, the services offered are the following:
Project management
Consulting and supervising services
Construction of new buildings
Building renovations
Green construction

ANGO emphasizes quality and efficiency, staying true to time requirements and the satisfaction of its customers. The company is ready to cooperate with individuals and businesses for the implementation of any kind construction project!



The vision of our company in the field of construction is to create innovative and sustainable architectural projects that highlight architectural harmony, quality, and safety. Through collaboration with top architects, engineers, and specialists in the field, the company creates projects that combine aesthetics with functionality. Committed to quality, excellence, and responsibility, the construction company elevates its sector and contributes to the creation of a better and more sustainable built environment for future generations.


We envision a future where innovative and sustainable development practices are seamlessly integrated into every project, from residential complexes to commercial hubs. By embracing cutting-edge technologies, smart urban planning, and environmentally conscious design principles, the company seeks to create spaces that foster connectivity, encourage social interaction, and promote a high quality of life. 

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